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Endless list of favorite movies | The Tourist (2010)

So, what are you doing all alone in the city of lovers?

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Johnny Depp as Dean Corso (The Ninth Gate, 1999)

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Top 50 movies of all time (no particular order)
1- Pirates of the Caribbean

"It’s Captain. Captain Jack Sparrow"

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manamajil: JOHNNY DEPP IS AWESOME. so is your blog :3

Aww thanks so much!

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Takin’ a break from us getting the take over at Pax Am studios, I Explained to Johnny D, Jello B, and Ryan A the difference between Gene Simmons’ soundcheck and show wigs (we like to call them “rock helmets”).

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Johnny Depp + behind the scenes

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Where is my son? Where does that pipe go to?

 That pipe, it just so happens to lead directly to the room where I make the most delicious kind of strawberry flavoured, chocolate-coated fudge.

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